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Chinese Pinyin

Pinyin Chart

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The Pinyin Song: Pinyin in 6 Minutes



Chinese Character Stroke Order Display

To see character stroke order 

The Four Tones in Mandarin

Video on the 4 tones



Dr. Kristy Liang

Welcome, FLES Parents!

Teacher: Dr. Kristy Liang



Welcome! I am very pleased to have your child in my FLES (Foreign Language Early Start) class for the 2018-2019 school year. I am eager to help your child learn one of the world’s most beautiful languages, Mandarin Chinese.


Why FLES(Foreign Language Early Start)?

  1. Children, before the age of ten, are able to master the pronunciation of a foreign language.
  2. Children who have studied a foreign language show greater cognitive thinking in such areas as flexibility, creativity and divergent thinking.
  3. Children who have studied a foreign language develop a sense of openness to different people, and an appreciation of other cultures.
  4. If the study of a foreign language is continued in secondary school and beyond, there is a favorable result on the AP examination, and at the university level.
  5. Children who study a foreign language have a positive self-image and an impression of success at school.
  6. Those children who studied a foreign language have better results on standardized tests (in English) in reading, language arts and mathematics than those who have not studied a FL.
  7. Because of the results of brain researchers, we know that children learning a FL use a language acquisition area of the brain, before the age of 10; Those who begin later use a different area of the brain which is not the language acquisition area.
Lipton, G. 2010. Practical Handbook to Elementary FL Programs (FLES*). National FLES* Institute, PO Box 2632, Kensington, MD 20891, 5th Edition.
I look forward to teach your child using conversation dialogues, songs, games and various activities. I hope your child will enjoy my Chinese class!
Important Website

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Dear parents, it's important that your child do oral practices at home as often as possible. You may click

then go to my lesson or you may do the following:

Please go to, search Kristy412 with the starfish image. seastar.jpg

  • Click on any lesson you need. 


  • You may also simply click the link below to access my lessons online.

FLES, Dr. Liang

Hacienda La Puente Unified School District · Industry, CA

Please note, next to the some lesson numbers, there is http link that you may copy and paste for animated lessons.




VIDEO: Seven Wonders of China






VIDEO: Story of Nian





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